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A list of the buildings on the Field of the Magna Mater, related to the cult of Cybele and Attis.


[The Field of the Magna Mater]
Tempio della Magna Mater (IV,I,1)
Portico IV,I,2
Santuario di Attis (IV,I,3)
Tempio di Bellona (IV,I,4)
Schola degli Hastiferi (IV,I,5)
Fossa sanguinis (IV,I,6)
Sacello IV,I,7
Sacello IV,I,8
Botteghe IV,I,9
Edifici IV,I,10

[Works of art]

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Sculptures from the Field of the Magna Mater in the museum of Ostia.
Photo: Wikimedia, Sailko.