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RESTORATIONS (continued)

The following types of restorations of masonry can be seen in Ostia:

A restoration from 1966. Plaque, bricks set back, purple mortar.
Photograph: Michael Heinzelmann.

A restoration indicated by a chiseled line. Caserma dei Vigili.
Photograph: Eric Taylor.

Modern bricks in the Caseggiato dei Molini.
Photograph: Eric Taylor.

Many wall-paintings and mosaics were detached, to be placed on modern panels and then fastened on their original location. Wooden ceilings were sometimes built to protect the paintings, for example in the Casa delle Muse. Many marble columns were re-erected. A number of columns belonging to the Forum were found at various spots along the Decumanus, perhaps to be taken to Rome, and returned to the Forum. In the Macellum (IV,V,2) five columns were restored. One of these (carrying an inscription) was found as foundation of a late-antique wall near the Bivio del Castrum. For the proper drainage of the site the ancient channels below the roads were cleaned. Pine-trees and cypresses were planted to make the site more attractive. Today the roots of these trees have started to create problems, as does the "edera", ivy that, if not removed regularly, quickly covers walls and paintings.

The cleaning of a shop in November 1998. Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.