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Caseggiato I,XII,9 - nrs. 391-395

The building
Description and function The building consists of two rooms flanking a corridor, and an external staircase at the south end. The rooms were shops, but certainly not straightforward shops, as is indicated by several windows in the north wall of the northern shop.
Date Built during the reign of Antoninus Pius.

Nrs. 391-395
Description There are four cornerstones and one "centralized" stone in the east facade. Nr. 391 is a low "centralized" stone a bit to the south of the south jamb of the southern shop. Nrs. 392-393 are low and mid cornerstones in the north jamb of the staircase. Nrs. 394-395 are low and mid cornerstones in the south jamb of the staircase. The front part of nr. 395 is missing.
Date The stones belong to the first building phase.
Measurements Meas.: 393 starting at 1.20 from threshold; l. 0.22, w. 0.13, h. 0.16.

Plan of the building

Plan of the building.
After SO I.


The stones seen from the north-west.