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Ostia related links: ancient and mediaeval to modern.
General pages (ancient and medieval to modern)
  • InfoAttiva Ostia Antica.
  • Associazione Culturale Severiana.
  • Historical pages about Ostia Antica and Lido di Ostia (by Roberto Gruppo).
  • Pages about mediaeval Ostia (Gregoriopolis) (by Roberto Piperno).
  • Fiction about Ostia.
  • Portus
  • A website about Portus (by Viviana Meucci).
  • A page about Portus on the website Ancient Ports.
  • A page about Portus (by Roberto Piperno).
  • Philipp Schmitt, 'Das Museo delle Navi Romane in Fiumicino / Rom'.
  • Tiber
  • Earth Sciences for Archaeology (geoarchaeology; many case studies from the Tiber valley between Rome and Ostia).
  • Notes on the landscape of Ostia and Portus before 1880 (1999; Antonia Arnoldus-Huyzendveld).
  • Newsreels
  • Footage can be downloaded from British Pathe - search for "Ostia" (Aerial shots taken on December 29, 1924; A visit by the mayor of London, Sir Rowland Blades, on October 10, 1927).
  • Princess Margaret visits Ostia in 1959, accompanied by Maria Floriani Squarciapino.
  • Many newsreels of Ostia and the Isola Sacra necropolis, made by the Istituto Luce, can be viewed on-line. Most are from the 1930's, some are of a more recent date.
  • Maritime history and archaeology
  • Navigare necesse est: a site about Roman maritime history, by Domenico Carro.
  • NAVIS project
  • Underwater archaeology: ASSONET (Archeologia Subacquea Speleologia Organizzazione NETwork).
  • Related (sort of)
  • Crete, Limenas Chersonisou
  • Kos
  • The Oceanus mosaic in Bad Kreuznach
  • A painting of a harbour from Rome
  • A day of filming