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A heliogravure of Portus, published in 1835

This heliogravure was bought by Eric Taylor. Prof. Valentin Kockel, Augsburg, commented:

The nice, but quite fantastic and by Pompeian prototypes influenced drawing is from Pierre-Joseph Garrez (1802-1852). He was with the "Grand Prix" of the Académie des Beaux-Arts 1830-1835 in Rome and did send, as his obligatory "envoi" to Paris in 1834 a reconstruction of the Trajanic port of Ostia (see Thieme-Becker, Künstlerlexikon, Vol.13, 1920, s.v.).

The french architects have been busy also in Ostia during the 19th and 20th century. You find more in the indexes of: Pierre Pinon, Les envois de Rome. Architecture et Archéologie, Rome, 1988, 405.

Garrez did send 9 drawings with an explanation in 1835. They have been published by his pupil P. Chabat, Fragments d'architecture (Paris 1868), p. 364. The plan in discussion will come from this book.

Other envois:

Gilbert, 1827, Restauration d'un temple de Jupiter a Ostie (10 dessins)
Defrasse, 1888, Autel votif du Musee d'Ostie, 3 feuilles
Seassal, 1921/23, Ostie, etat actuel; colonie romaine; et restitution...
Vimond, 1951/3 Thermes des Sept Sages; Restitution de la basilique du Forum; L'habitation e l'urbanisme dans l'antique cité d'Ostie, plans, coupes, vue axonometriques et reconstitution a l'epoque de Trajan