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Portus - 50A Vegetable market

To the south of the Darsena Lanciani identified a square measuring c. 170 x 60 metres. He called it "Foro Olitorio" (vegetable market). Lanciani was inspired by a 16th century painting of a harbour, presumably a copy of one or more ancient paintings, with depictions of buildings with their names: HORREA, AQUAE PENSILES, FORUM BOARIUM, FORUM OLITORIUM, TEMPLUM APOLLINIS, PORTEX NEPTUNI, BALNEA FAUSTINES. It is far from certain however, that this is a depiction of Portus. Between the inner harbour and the square is a colonnaded street, that is at a 90 degree angle to the Porticus of Claudius to the west.

[jthb - 7-May-2009]