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Regio I - Insula XIX - Tempio dei Mensores (I,XIX,2)

The Temple of the Grain Measurers (nr. 2 on the plan) is enclosed by the same Trajanic wall as the adjacent Hall of the Grain Measurers (I,XIX,1.3). It is the guild temple of the mensores frumentarii. It was built on a podium, the lower part of which is older than the Trajanic period. The present cella was built in the Trajanic period (opus latericium). The pronaos was reached from Via della Foce along five travertine treads. Its columns have disappeared.

The temple may have been dedicated to Ceres Augusta, because Cn. Sentius Felix is called patronus mensorum frumentariorum Cereris Augustae (CIL XIV, 409).

Plan of the guild complex.
After SO I.


The remains of the temple, seen from the south.
Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

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