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Regio II - Insula II - Magazzini Repubblicani (II,II,1-2)

The Republican Store-building was in reality probably a complex of shops and workshops. Originally there was a portico of square tufa piers to the west, south and east. The walls were erected at the end of the first century BC in opus quasi reticulatum. The north part was later taken up by the service area of the Terme dei Cisiarii (II,II,3).

In the south part of the portico a row of shops was built c. 50 AD. It is surprising that the shops open towards the north, that is towards the building itself, and not to the south (the Decumanus).

Plan of the Magazzini

Plan of the Magazzini. After SO I.


General view from the south-east. Note the tufa piers of the original southern portico.
Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

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