This part of the Ostia-Antica website, the Isola Sacra project, has its own way of travelling.
On the main page you can choose an issue from the different chapters. You can also use the return button to go back to the main page of the Ostia-Antica website.
At the bottom of this page, like all the other pages is a menu-button. By clicking this button a row of navigation buttons will pop-up.
BACK is going to the previous page
NEXT is going to the next page
INDEX will bring you to the main-index page
EXIT returns you to the Ostia-Antica website main page
In the part where the 100 tombs are described the menubar has an extra button called MAP.
This button brings you back to the page where you can find the map of the necropolis and the 100 buttons to navigate to the first page of a desired tomb. So, via this MAP-page you can always look at the location of a particular tomb and go immediately to that tomb and back.
In the 100 tombs part you sometimes see a yellow INFO button in the upper right corner. Clicking this button gives you background information about that page.
The cursor over the header (f.e. Tomb 23) pops up a map of the area of that particular tomb.
If a description of a tomb takes several pages you have to use the link"click to continue" to go to the following page of that tomb.
Most of the small photographs are clickable to get a blowup of that picture. Clicking on the blowup returns you to the description of the tomb or, sometimes, to a detail of the photograph.
Clicking on the grey italic words brings you to the sector "explanation of words" (not yet available).
Enjoy your visit.