In this part of the program we shall look at the 100 tombs
on the west side of the Via Severiana.
They are numbered from 1 to 100.
Clicking with the mouse on the word "map" at the menubar
on each page brings you back to the big map of the necropolis
and to the 100 buttons corresponding with the numbered tombs.
So, on each page you can return immediately to the map
to see the position of the described grave. Putting the mouse
on the tombnumber on each page shows you the relevant part
of the map immediately.
Most of the pictures are clickable. Clicking a small
picture shows you an enlarged version.

click to enlarge Clicking again will return you to the original page,
or, in some cases, first to a detail of that picture.
If there are marginal notes about the context, a button "info"
will appear on the right top of the page.
Scrolling with the mouse on that button will popup special information.