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The oldest movies of Ostia

Below are some old newsreels of Ostia. The oldest known footage is from 1924.

"FLY OVER ANCIENT ROMAN CITY on TIBER! First Aerial Pictures of recent excavations at Ostia, the 'Seaport of the Caesars' that flourished 2,500 years ago".

Filmed from a zeppelin on December 29, 1924. Movie provided by British Pathé.
"The Glory That Was Rome. Sir Rowland Blades & Lady Mayoress, during visit to the eternal City, visit excavations of Ostia, the buried port of Rome.".

Filmed on October 10, 1927. Movie provided by British Pathé.
Footage of the excavations in the summer of 1939.

Including a visit by Mussolini. With the original Italian commentary and with English subtitles. Movie provided by ValkVisuals bv.
Princess Margaret visits Ostia, accompanied by Maria Floriani Squarciapino.

Filmed in 1959. Movie provided by Critical Past.

Many newsreels of Ostia and the Isola Sacra necropolis were made by the Istituto Luce. Movies older than 1940 are on YouTube and listed below. For streaming of more recent movies, please visit the website of the Istituto Luce.

Visita agli scavi archeologici di Ostia - 09/1929. Visita di Mussolini al porto di Fiumicino - 04/1930.
A Ostia Antica importante scoperta archeologica - 11/1930. La necropoli monumentale di Ostia - 1934.
Inaugurazione del museo delle antichità e della zona archeologica della necropoli del Porto di Roma - 11/1934. La necropoli romana dell'Eta' Imperiale - 19/06/1935.
Interessanti ritrovamenti fra gli scavi di Ostia - 15/04/1936. I mosaici degli scavi archeologici di Ostia - 15/07/1936
Il Duce visita i lavori - 20/04/1938. Gli scavi - 04/05/1938.
Studiosi italiani e stranieri, ospiti del ministro dell'Educazione nazionale, Bottai, hanno visitato gli scavi di Ostia antica - 28/09/1938. I lavori di scavo ad Ostia antica - 14/12/1938.
Il presidente dell'Esposizione di New York, Grover Whalen, visita i lavori dell'E 42 - 18/10/1939.