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The Portus project

The Portus project was started by the University of Southampton under the direction of Simon Keay. It focuses on the harbour district of Ostia, known as Portus. The ruins are next to Rome's Leonardo da Vinci airport.

Wonderful discoveries. The Portus Project revealed.

For the past ten years The Portus Project has undertaken major archaeological investigations at the ancient port of Rome. Nearly 2,000 years ago Portus was an immense complex of graneries, warehouses, military encampments and administration blocks, with a huge palace at its centre. The study of this site has led to many discoveries which have much to tell us about life in ancient Rome. Movie provided by the University of Southampton (2009).
Excavating Portus - The AHRC-funded Portus Project.

Movie provided by the AHRC (2010).
The navalia (shipyard) of the Port of Trajan.

Model by Grant Cox (Archaeological Computing Research Group) courtesy of the AHRC Portus Project, directed by Prof Simon Keay (University of Southampton and British School at Rome). Movie provided by Copper13 (2012).
Imagining Portus. Computer graphic reconstruction of the Palazzo Imperiale and Shipyard excavated by the Portus Project 2007-2014.

A lecture held at the British School at Rome on 17 November 2015, by Simon Keay with Grant Cox, and Janet DeLaine. Movie provided by the British School at Rome (2015).
Laser scan animation of the cryptoporticus on the western facade of the Palazzo Imperiale at Portus.

Movie by James Miles (ACRG) (2013).
Laser scan animation of the Interior of Palazzo Imperiale, Portus.

Movie by James Miles (ACRG) (2013).
Navigating the harbours and canals of the Portus Romae: new approaches.

By Simon Keay and Peter Campbell. This lecture took place on 15th May 2018 at Senate House in London. Movie provided by the Roman Society (2018).
Making of the port murals.

Work on 3D reconstructions. Movie provided by Artas Media (2019).
Cities of the Roman Empire: Portus.

The changes in the estuary of the Tiber caused the abandonment of first the original port city of Ostia and of its successor which developed around the port itself - hence the name. Presented by Emeritus Professor David L. Kennedy. Movie provided by Perth RAG (2020).
What's under Fiumicino Airport in Rome? The ancient history most passengers miss!

Movie provided by La Mia Italy (2021).
A walk through Portus.

Movie provided by The Touring Tourist (2022).
 Indagine nel molo est-ovest di Portus, detto "Molo della Lanterna". Novità archeologiche sul distretto portuense alla luce dei più recenti rinvenimenti.

Presentation by Cristian D'Ammassa and Renato Sebastiani (2022).