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Hints and tips for visiting Ostia, Portus, the Isola Sacra necropolis and the Villa of Plinius.
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Isola Sacra necropolis
So-called Villa of Plinius
Apartments and hotels


For information about visiting Ostia, please consult our Tourist guide.
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  • Walking from the station to the entrance. Photograph: Klaus Heese.

    The parking lot near the entrance. Photograph: Klaus Heese.

    The square in front of the entrance. Photograph: Klaus Heese.

    The ticket booth. Photograph: Klaus Heese.

    The entrance. Photograph: Klaus Heese.

    The "Caffetteria degli scavi" (free WIFI) behind the museum. Photograph: Klaus Heese.

    The terrace of the "Caffetteria degli scavi". Photograph: Klaus Heese.

    The bookshop opposite the "Caffetteria degli scavi". Photograph: Klaus Heese.

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    This was stated about the opening hours by the Soprintendenza in 2014: "Open with advance booking from 8.30 to 13.30. Closed Mondays, 1 January, 1 May and 25 December. Tickets: free admission. Booking: 06 6529192". Beware! Please check the links to the Soprintendenza websites in our section "Ostia related links"! Also, the information below may not be up-to-date!

    We suggest that you prepare your visit by reading the pages about Portus on the Ostia website, and by having a good look at Google Earth: open the ostia.kmz.

    Several years ago, free and guided tours began at the Museo delle Navi, the Museum of the Ships (Via Alessandro Guidoni, 35, Fiumicino, RM, Lazio 00054, Italy). You needed to book in advance by phoning the Museo delle Navi at 00 39 06 652 91 92. The visit would be cancelled when it rained. The ruins of Portus are spread out amongst many roads and highways leading to Leonardo da Vinci airport. If you do not have a car, the visit will be a particular challenge. We suggest that you then use a taxi rather than public transport. Make sure to write down the number of the taxi central, that you will have to phone in order to leave after the visit.

    Near the Museum a general introduction to Portus was given, in Italian. Next, cars (giving a lift to those without a car) drove to the entrance of the excavations (Via Portuense, Scavi del Porto di Roma). The guided tour, in Italian, took a couple of hours. This was on the part of the excavations that is now owned by the State. There you can see the basin of Trajan only from a distance, because it is still on private property of the Torlonia family. However, it is possible to visit the basin in another way. From the entrance go east in the direction of the Episcopium, following the road. After having passed the Episcopium on your right you can enter the Oasi di Porto. Here you can walk and drive around the basin in horse-drawn wagons.

    Remember: if you do not have a car, there is no way of getting back to anywhere safely. If you have the phone number of a taxi central you can ask them to pick you up and take you to the airport. We highly recommend the visit, but please be prepared well. Take some food and drink with you also.

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    Isola Sacra necropolis

    This was stated about the opening hours by the Soprintendenza on March 27 2014: "Il nuovo orario della Necropoli di Porto, in vigore dal 1 aprile 2014: mattina: giovedì e sabato e prima domenica del mese; pomeriggio: terza domenica del mese; prenotazioni al n. 06/6583888 (telefono della necropoli), conferme al fax 06/5651500". Beware! Please check the links to the Soprintendenza websites in our section "Ostia related links"! Also, the information below may not be up-to-date!

    On the Isola Sacra, the "Sacred Island" between Ostia and Portus, a very large part of an enchanting necropolis has been excavated. Few people can find the time to visit it, which is a pity, but makes a visit even more attractive.

    Directions to Isola Sacra: take the Rome-Ostia line to Lido Centro (2nd stop after Ostia Antica). Exit the station, and walk back inside to the main ticket window and buy two Linee Laziali bus tickets. The bus that passes the site of Isola Sacra is marked Ostia-Isola Sacra-Fiumicino (an orange bus; the line does not have a number). The bus stop is currently on the strip of sidewalk immediately outside the train station near ticket booths. Essentially when you walk back outside from the ticket booths, you are standing by the bus stop. There is a schedule for the bus posted next to the train schedules inside the station.

    When the bus comes, expect a 20 minute ride through the centre of town, on the highway past the edge of Ostia Antica, and other interesting bits of ruins, and finally on a multi-lane divided road. When the bus crosses the Tiber, start looking for the next landmark - a large water tower on the right hand side. Ring the bell for the bus stop just before the bus passes the tower - the bus stop for the Isola Sacra necropolis is the next stop.

    When you step off the bus, you will be in the middle of a divided road. Walk a few steps up to the traffic light and crosswalk, and cross the part of the road to your right. A smaller road intersects with the main road here. Walk along this smaller road, which runs past fields and a few walled houses, until you come to an intersection, and turn left at the intersection. This road will take you right to the entrance to Isola Sacra. There is a hand-painted sign hanging at this intersection that says "Necropoli" with a left arrow. Admission to the site is currently free, but after you walk through the gate, turn right and sign the guest book in the gatehouse. There are bathrooms and water, but there is no food nor any place to eat nearby.

    See also a description by Caroline Lawrence.

    The sign visitors should look for. Photograph: Saskia Stevens.

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    So-called Villa of Plinius

    See a description by Caroline Lawrence.

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    Apartments and hotels

  • An apartment in Ostia Antica for 2-6 persons
  • Rooms in Ostia Antica for 1 or 2 persons. Recommended! Website gives wrong email address, should be: Phone: 00 39 328 082 4360.
  • Villa Beatilla
  • Ostia Antica Park Hotel
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