The Greek historian Appian lived in the second century AD. He worked in Alexandria and later went to Rome, where he worked in the Imperial service. Eventually he became Procurator through the influence of Fronto, the tutor of Marcus Aurelius. He wrote a history of Rome from the arrival of Aeneas in Italy to the Battle of Actium (31 BC). It includes five books on the civil wars. The conflict between Marius and Sulla had an impact on Ostia.

Bellum Civile 1, 8, 67
(87 BC)
After their armies were joined they encamped on the banks of the Tiber and divided their forces in three parts: Cinna and Carbo opposite the city, Sertorius above it, and Marius toward the sea. The two latter threw bridges across the river in order to cut off the city's food-supply. Marius captured Ostia and plundered it. Cinna sent a force and captured Ariminum in order to prevent an army coming to the city from the subject Gauls.
Bellum Civile 1, 10, 88
(82 BC)
Sulla sent an army to Rome in detachments by different roads with orders to seize the gates, and if they were repulsed to rendezvous at Ostia.

Translation: Horace White.