The Christian writer Caecilius Cyprianus (c. 200-258 AD) was born at Carthage. During the Decian persecution (250 AD) he went into hiding. In the persecution under Valerian he was beheaded. Meiggs (p. 403): "Already in the third century Cyprian writes of the many confessors of the faith who came from Africa, and of their reception at Portus".

Epistulae XX,4.
For this, my lord and brother, you ought to know, that it is not I alone who ask this on their behalf, but also Statius and Severianus, and all the confessors who have come thence hither from you; to whom these very sisters went down to the harbour and took them up into the city, and they have ministered to sixty-five, and even to this day have tended them in all things, for all are with them.