The Liber Coloniarum, also called Liber Regionum, was written in the fourth century AD. It discusses the division of the land, borders etc. in Italy.

1, 236 (Rudorff, 1845)
Ostiensis ager ab impp. Vespasiano, Traiano et Hadriano, in precisuris, in lacineis, et per strigas, colonis eorum est adsignatus, sed postea impp. Verus Antoninus et Commodus aliqua privatis concesserunt. The Ostian territory was assigned by the Emperors Vespasian, Trajan, and Hadrian to their colonists, in parcels, in small pieces, and through furrows, but later the Emperors Verus Antoninus and Commodus donated some parts to private citizens.

222, 11-13 (Rudorff, 1845)
Nam pars agri quae circa Portum est Tiberis, in iugeribus adsignata adque oppidanis est tradita, et pro aestimio ubertatis professionem acceperunt. Part of the land around Portus on the river Tiber was allocated in iugera and granted to townspeople, and they received a declaration according to the evaluation of its fertility.

Translation: Campbell 2000.