R. Meiggs, p. 427, 524-525: "There is ... good evidence that by the late fourth century a basilica had been built in honour of an Asterius outside the walls of Ostia. The invective against Pope Damasius, known as the Libellus Precum (22 - Migne, PL XIII, 98 f.), records that a certain priest Macarius, who rebelled against the Pope, was arrested with violence and sent to Ostia, where he died of his wounds. The bishop of Ostia, Florentius, though supporting Damasius against the rival church faction, respected Macarius and 'transferred his body to the basilica of Asterius'. In the twelfth century we hear of the bringing in of the bones of S. Asterius and twelve other martyrs to the church of S. Aurea. They probably came from this basilica, then presumably in ruins."