The Stoic philosopher Seneca (4 BC - 65 AD) was born in Corduba, Spain. He was a tutor of Nero. In 65 AD he was ordered to commit suicide.

Naturales Quaestiones I, 15, 5
(A false alarm: the sky over Ostia seems to be on fire)
Sub Tiberio Caesare cohortes in auxilium Ostiensis coloniae cucurrerunt tamquam conflagrantis, cum caeli ardor fuisset per magnam partem noctis parum lucidus, ut crassi fumidique ignis. In the reign of Tiberius Caesar watchmen rushed to the aid of the colony at Ostia just as though it were ablaze, since throughout most of the night there had been a glow in the sky, dull, as of a thick smoky fire.

Translation: Loeb, G.P. Goold.