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Enjoy an exhibition of on-line graffiti from Ostia, including drawings of animals, everyday objects, unidentified sketches, and Latin texts. The exhibition contains highlights from the graffiti-section on the Ostia website. Can't get enough? Then browse through the entire graffiti-section!

Apart fom an extensive collection of photographs in the offices of the Soprintendenza, the published works of Della Corte and Ciprotti (1961), Solin (1967, 1971 & 1972), Langner (2001) and CIL XIV, little seems to have been done about the graffiti in Ostia as a whole. Much has been written about certain examples and many passing comments have been made by several authors (see the Bibliography under the heading "Epigraphy - graffiti"). This is strange (and even more so in the case of Pompeii) as there are so many examples that can still be found today all over the city.

Finding is easy - interpreting not so! Unfortunately, my interest in graffiti has come quite late in life - how I envy those of you who can make instant sense of Latin and Greek text examples. Some drawings - heads, boats and geometrical shapes for example can be easier to make sense of - but again I am certain that others may see things very differently to me.

So, please, have a look at the photographs in this 'exhibition' along with those in the Graffiti section of the website and feel free to make suggestions and/or criticisms wherever they are required.

Eric Taylor