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Horrrea dei Mensores (I,XIX,4) - nrs. 489-492

The building
Description and function This may have been a large grain measuring centre. Rooms are on either side of a long courtyard. To the west of it are very large halls (only the plan of these halls is depicted).
Date Built in the Trajanic period.

Nrs. 489-492
Description Cornerstones are found in the north-west and central west hall, in the central piers. Nr. 489 is in the south-east corner of the pier in the central west hall. Nrs. 490-492 are in the pier in the north-west hall, in the south-east, north-west and south-west corners. A little bit above nr. 492 is a large piece of tufa.
Date No date is suggested. The masonry is suspect.
Measurements Meas. according to VdM, 489: starts at 1.21; l. 0.40, w. 0.20, h. 0.11; 490: starts at 1.65; l. 0.42, w. 0.29, h. 0.16; ; 491: starts at 1.27; l. 0.23, w. 0.17, h. 0.19; 492: starts at 1.19; l. 0.43, w. 0.28, h. 0.27.

Plan of the building

Plan of the halls to the west of the courtyard.
After SO I.


Stones 490-492, seen from the south.
Note the tufa above nr. 492.