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The small cornerstones and centralized stones revisited

Van der Meer has suggested that the small cornerstones and centralized stones had a decorative purpose. There are only a few buildings however where this could clearly have been the case, especially the House of the Lararium (I,IX,3) and the Horrea Epagathiana (I,VIII,3). Here many stones can be seen in the interior and exterior. In the former building travertine springers were also used. A candidate for decorative use might also be an apartment, later changed to a domus: the Domus del Pozzo (V,III,3). The apartment had a monumental entrance with travertine. But it is curious that two times three cornerstones are in the jambs of the entrance of a shop that was the northernmost room of the apartment ...

There are many characteristics that contradict Van der Meer's hypothesis:

On the next pages the stones will be described in detail and their possible functions will be investigated. The stones have been numbered, beginning with number 100. I will attack the stones with the following preliminary conclusions and hypotheses: