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Regio I - Insula X

The insula is in an area that must have been quite busy in antiquity. To the north-west is the Bivio del Castrum, one of the main intersections in the city. After crossing the Forum and continuing towards the west along the Decumanus, one could go to the north (to the Tiber), to the north-west (to the mouth of the Tiber), to the south-west (to the beach), or to the south (to the Porta Laurentina).

The insula was built to the south of the west gate of the Castrum (no longer visible in the Imperial period), and on top of the Castrum wall (on the plan indicated by dotted lines). Originally the area on either side of the wall was without buildings. This was the sacred pomerium. The streets to the west and east of the insula reflect the old border of the sacred area. The street to the west was therefore named Via del Pomerio by the excavators. The street to the east, in spite of having a pavement of basalt blocks (not indicated on the plan), seems to have been a private alley (Vico del Tempio Rotondo, now also called Vico del Pino).

The insula was excavated in the late 1930's / early 1940's.

Plan of the insula

Plan of the insula. From SO I.