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Regio II - Insula VIII - Botteghe II,VIII,1

This is a row of shops along the Decumanus, in front of the Quattro Tempietti (II,VIII,2). The opus mixtum is probably Hadrianic. Later many entrances from the Decumanus were narrowed or reinforced. In late antiquity a curious wall of opus vittatum was built in the south half of the shops. It seems intended to hide ruins from view, and may have been built at the end of the third century after an earthquake.

Plan of the shops

Plan of the shops. After SO I.

In 1913 three fragments of an inscription on architectural decoration were found on the Decumanus, in front of the building (CIL XIV S, 4410; AE 1914, 145; preserved length 2.88). It belongs to the late fourth century (383-392 AD). The inscription testifies to the building of an unknown structure by Herculius, prefect of the grain supply.

[pro felicita]TE AC BEATITVDINE CLEMEN[tiaq(ue) tempo]RVM [---] OPSEQ(u---)
[---]TVLEIVS HERCVLIVS V(ir) C(larissimus) ANNONA[e pra]EFECTV[s --- ae]DIFIC[a]VIT

Some other fragments, found on the Decumanus near Via dei Molini (CIL XIV S, 4411), may belong to an identical, "twin" inscription. Little holes in the marble had been used for attaching the metal letters of another inscription. Presumably they were filled in with plaster when the inscription was reused. This older inscription perhaps began as follows: C CARTILI.


The second shop from the west, seen from the south-east.
In the shop is a large dolium (vessel for storing wine or olive-oil).
Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

The three fragments of the inscription from the late fourth century.
Photographs: Jan Theo Bakker

The suggested beginning of the older inscription.
Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

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