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Regio II - Insula IX - Caseggiato II,IX,2

This building consists of a long row of shops along the Decumanus (Hadrianic opus latericium). Three units can be distinguished.

The eastern unit has four shops with back rooms facing south, and two shops facing east. The entrances of the latter two shops were later blocked. Behind these shops is a corridor.

The central unit consists of four shops in front of a large hall. In the back wall of the easternmost shop is a small wall-niche, used for religious purposes. In this unit the Aula del Gruppo di Marte e Venere (II,IX,3) was later installed.

The western unit has four shops, behind which is a corridor. In the east part of this corridor a large basin was built. The second shop from the left was a bar. Near the entrance are the remains of the bar counter, with a small barrel vault for a water basin.

Plan of the building

Plan of the building. After SO I.


The easternmost shop in the central unit, seen from the south.
Note the niche in the back wall. Photograph: Simon Bakker.

The bar in the western unit, seen from the south-east. Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

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