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Caseggiato del Termopolio (I,II,5) - nr. 114

The building
Description and function This building consists of shops, facing streets and flanking a corridor (room 10). A bar was installed in the north-east part.
Date The building has been dated to the Trajanic-Hadrianic period (opus mixtum). The bar was added in the third century (opus vittatum).

Nr. 114
Description Nr. 114 is a centralized stone in the west jamb of the door leading from the Decumanus to room 23. Room 23 in its turn led to corridor 10. There is no stone in the east jamb.
Date The stone is embedded in modern masonry (opus latericium).
Measurements Meas. according to VdM: starts at 1.20; l. 0.21, h. 0.17.

The jambs rest on huge travertine blocks, many more of which can be seen in the south facade.
Plan of the building

Plan of the building. After SO I.


The stone seen from the south-east.