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Portico ovest di Pio IX e Loggia (I,VI,1) - nrs. 126-132

The building
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Nrs. 126-128
Description There are three cornerstones in the western corridor. Nr. 126 is in the north jamb of the entrance of the corridor, nrs. 127 and 128 are in the south jamb.
Date The stones belong to the first, Hadrianic building phase.
Measurements Meas. according to VdM, 126: starts at 1.35; l. 0.46, w. 0.31, h. 0.20; 127: starts at 0.57; l. 0.40, w. 0.29, h. 0.20; 128: starts at 2.32; l. 0.36, w. 0.26, h. 0.18.

The stones are a mirror of stones 118-120 on the other side of the street, with a stone at mid-height in the north jamb and a low and high stone in the south jamb. Visually the stones on the west and east side are at the same height. The difference in starting height between low and mid is 0.78 (west) and 0.76 (east), the difference between mid and high 0.97 (west) and 0.94 (east), the difference between low and high 1.75 (west) and 1.70 (east).
There is no counterpart for nr. 117.
There is a threshold in the entrance of the corridor. It should be checked whether it is smooth or has pivot-holes.

Nrs. 129-132
Description In the western loggia are four cornerstones, all in the masonry of the primary building phase. Nr. 129 is in the north-east corner of the second pier from the south along the Cardo. Two reinforcing piers covered it completely in antiquity. Nr. 130 is in the south-east corner of this pier. Its east side was covered by a secondary pier. Nr. 131 is in the north-east corner of the south-east pier. Its east side too was covered. Nr. 132 is in the south-west corner of this pier. Next to and on top of 131 and 132 is modern masonry.
Date Nrs. 129-132 belong to the first, Hadrianic building phase.
Measurements Meas. according to VdM, 129: starts at 1.79; l. 0.29, w. 0.29, h. 0.27; 130: starts at 0.69; l. 0.21, h. 0.25; 131: starts at 1.55; l. 0.45, w. 0.30, h. 0.26; 132: starts at 1.20; l. 0.22, h. 0.24.

The situation in the western loggia mirrors that in the eastern. However, there are differences between the starting heights. The northernmost stones start at the greatest height: 1.79 (129) and 2.10 (121). The starting height of the other stones varies, from 0.69 to 1.55.
There is no counterpart of 125, but the corner of the reinforcing pier here is to a large extent modern. There is no stone in the pier to the west of the south-east pier, that has been preserved to mid-height.
Plan of the building

Plan of the building. After SO I.


Stones 126-128 seen from the east.

Stone 129 seen from the north-east.

Detail of stone 129, seen from the north-east.

Stone 130, seen from the south-west.

Stone 131 (centre top), seen from the north-west.

Detail of stone 131, seen from the north-west.

Stone 132, seen from the south-west.