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Tempio dei Fabri Navales (III,II,1-2) - nrs. 509-510

The building
Description and function This was the guild-temple of the ship-carpenters. It was reached from the western Decumanus through a corridor flanked by two shops.
Date The temple was built during the reign of Marcus Aurelius or Commodus.

Nrs. 509-510
Description To the east of the eastern shop in the facade is an external staircase. In the jambs are cornerstones 509 and 510.
Date The stones seem to belong to the first building phase.
Measurements Meas. according to VdM, 509: starts at 0.73; l. 0.29, w. 0.38, h. 0.16; 510: starts at 0.72; l. 0.26, w. 0.34, h. 0.17.

Plan of the building

Plan of the building. After SO I.


The stones seen from the south.

Stone 509 in the left jamb, seen from the north.

Stone 510 in the right jamb, seen from the south.