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Portus - 4 Building on the front part of the so-called right mole

The "right mole" ("molo destro") is not a mole at all, but part of the quays. It is to the east of the Museum of the ships, and runs from south to north. Perhaps there was an opening to the west, leading to a lagoon to the north.

The Building on the front part of the right mole ("Fabbricato sulla testata del molo destro"), also known as Capitaneria, was excavated in the 1960's. It is situated to the north-east of the basin of Claudius and of the Museum of the ships. It was built in the second century AD. Restorations and paintings have been dated to the early fourth century (opus vittatum). Part of a painted ceiling was found, with depictions of eagles, horsemen, masks (perhaps of winds) and a lighthouse. It has been suggested that it was a harbour master's office, used by the Customs Service. There is also a slipway for boats.

Plan of the Capitaneria.
Testaguzza 1970, p. 99.

The ruins of the Capitaneria.
Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

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