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Portus - 58 Via Portuensis and aqueducts

The road connecting Portus and Rome was called Via Portuensis. It began at the east side of the hexagon.

A first aqueduct was built in the first century AD. A related inscription mentions Nero. Close to Portus it first stayed at some distance from the city, turning west late, to reach it to the south of Horrea 36. A later Trajanic canal (see 22-23) that connected the Tiber and the Fossa Traiana crossed its path and necessitated a rebuilding. The new final stretch of the aqueduct was to the north of and ran parallel to the Via Portuensis (that follows the northern towpath along the new canal). The road and the aqueduct reached the city near the Temple of Portumnus (21). The aqueduct was carried on arches outside the city, but continued underground.

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