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The buildings on the Isola Sacra

History of the excavations
The Portus to Ostia canal
The Via Flavia

Central north part
Clickable plan
Bridge of Matidia [1]
Buildings along the Fossa Traiana [2]
Baths of Matidia [3]
Building and lime kiln [4]
Basilica of Saint Hippolytus and Campanile [5-6]
Round building [7]
Tombs [8]
North-west part
Temple of Isis and cistern

North-east part
Marble yard

Central part
Land division

South-west part
Bridge and Tiber ferries
Central south part
Horrea and other buildings
Defensive wall

South-east part
The "Fiume morto"
Cippi demarcating the Tiber
Horrea "Aldobrandini"
The mystery of the round building

The area of the salt pans
The Casalone del Sale
The "Republican mole"